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Hi, my name is Asha Gilliam 

A short time ago I was just like YOU. I had kids and was raising them without any type of safety net.

I had been conditioned to believe that the only way to provide for my family was by going to school and getting a career. 

But after getting a degree from a technical college I still ended up as a struggling customer service representative, living pay check to pay check to support myself and my sons.

After a near death-experience in 2018, I realized if something were to happen to me - then my kids in addition to being motherless would face the same financial struggles I did.

These five strategies helped me:
  • Invest 20k into building a business in pursuit of financial freedom for my family in 2020. 
  • ​Build my business with free time to hang out with my boys. 
  • ​Feel confident in my decisions while maintaining deeper connections with my children. 
And I’ve put those strategies inside my FREE GUIDE “Financial Survival Guide”
So if you’re a mother like I am committed to providing a better life for your babies
This financial guide is for you. 
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